Welcome to the Way to go club. We would like to invite you to join us as we travel to Camden yards and Nationals Park. We will be travelling together in a large comfortable coach to your favorite games.



With a membership to the WayToGo club you receive more than just a ride, you become part of a community. The WayToGo club is a growing club that offers its members a chance to meet new people with the same passion for sports as you, attend your favorite events, and as we grow we will offer cupons, discounts, and great merchandise.



We will pick up from a designated location in Annapolis and Edgewater Maryland and drop off at the front door of the stadium. You will also be picked up from the front door of the stadium and dropped of at the same location you were picked up from.



Annual Membership - $20.00 MEMBERSHIP FREE FOR 2014

Roundtrip Ride To Camden Yards With Membership - $20.00

Routrip Ride To Nationals Park With Membership - $25.00


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